The Art of Socializing at Work: 5 Workplace Etiquette Tips

The Art of Socializing at Work: 5 Workplace Etiquette Tips

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1. Be on time at work

When it comes to etiquette, first impressions matter. Always be on time at work, or even arrive earlier before the conference or business meetings are vital. Arriving earlier can show your respect to your colleagues or clients, as well as to leave a good first impression. It is also a bonus for you to leave home earlier to avoid traffic jams. On the other hand, arriving early allows you to have some extra time to tidy up your appearance, make up your mind and organize the workflow of the day, so you can nail every challenge at work with confidence.

2. Give professional yet friendly greetings

To make the workplace a more friendly place, you should always greet anyone that you pass by, in order to enhance the relationship with your colleagues and make further business communication and cooperation more effective. If you are aiming to enjoy a positive working environment, do not only greet the chairman or senior management but also to greet everyone on a daily basis. Always be active to communicate with your colleagues and you will see the positive result immediately.

Be proactive at work is always a good attitude. As a freshman, you might have to learn everything from the beginning, however, your colleagues all have their only job duties. Try to do your own research and solve the problems before you ask for help. If you are still frustrated, remember to organize your questions then ask your colleagues or senior management politely.

3. Use a reasonable voice level

After you are well blended into the workplace, you might build up a good relationship with your colleagues and forgot some basic workplace etiquette. Do use a reasonable voice level to communicate with everyone in the office to avoid disturbing others with a high voice level. If you need to host a conference call with your clients, it would be great to do so in a conference room. On the other hand, please put on an earphone when you are doing video or music research to keep your noise level low.

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4. Social-networking in the workplace

Online social media is part of our daily life, and we all love to express our positive and negative emotions with our family and friends on social media. What if your colleagues are trying to send you a “friend request” on social media network? To keep the “social media distance”, it might not be a good idea to accept their friend request on Facebook or Instagram. If they’re keen on contacting you via social media network, you can register a new account just for social-networking your colleagues and clients.

If you do not feel right to handle more than one social media account, you may adjust the privacy settings, such as only allowing some of your best friends to view your private social feeds. What if you are using the trending social media network “MeWe”? Remember to set your account as private to avoid your colleagues searching your “MeWe” account through mobile contact.

5. Keep the workplace clean and tidy

Even though the office is not your private home, you should keep it clean and tidy. A tidy workplace is more than just leaving your colleagues a good impression, but also providing a comfortable working environment to boost your positive mood and enhance your productivity. Furthermore, if you would like to bring your homemade lunch at work, do avoid some ingredients with a strong aroma, and it would be the most considerable to enjoy your lunch in the common area to avoid disturbing your colleagues.