OnMyGrad Selected topics: Top 3 CV builders in 2022

OnMyGrad Selected topics: Top 3 CV builders in 2022

OnMyGrad Team

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Getting yourself prepared for the every positions by building a fascinating resume is a definite wise choice that enriches competitiveness for job landing.

At the initial stage of CV writing, we may have struggles on where to start. Some may wonder why they should use the resume websites when there are other CV templates available?

While OnMyGrad curator used Resume.io for job applications frequently, the functions and layouts have appeared as appealing for job hunting. Moreover, Resume.io and Zety provide databases and A.I. suggesting functions that allow users to customise the resume according to their study background and work history, which actually saves user’s time for building an informative CV.

Nonetheless, Zety and Novorésumé are worth recommending for CV building after a few trials, hereby we would share a total of 3 websites (Resume.io, Zety and Novorésumé) with full instructions!

  1. Resume.io


Resume.io is one of the most popular CV building websites, with over 20,000 of job seekers generating the CV everyday! We are going to introduce you to a handy tool for self-service CV writing. What makes resume.io appealing?

Step 1: Select CV layout

After logging in to Resume.io, users can choose the resume template according to their preference, e.g. minimal, professional, creative or stylish CV appearance, and set the favourite colour appearance according to personal preference.


Step 2: Select language and fill-in personal information

After selecting the preferred template, the system will lead users to the template design interface strictly. The CV would be presented with English as the main language as it availables for MNC vacancies applications, thus surprisingly it offers a cantonese language option as well! When candidates are looking for vacancies in local companies, less effort is spent.

After the language of the resume is selected, users could start inputting the name, email and other personal information; The progress bar below the language section would remind them the progress rate of resume information submission.

Step 3: Fill-in CV professional Summary

A majority of job applicants have struggles with where to start on CV writing. Resume.io is the solution to the struggles. When filling in a personal summary, the best feature of it is to provide pre-written phrases. To start writing a pleasant synopsis in resume.io, there are 3 steps to follow: (1) Utilise pre-written phrases provided, (2) enter the your career industry in the search field, then (3) choose the accurate descriptive sentence, and revise it into paragraph that best describes your background.


Resume.io provides an automatic correcting function for typos, and it would suggest users several correct wordings to replace the wrong word.


Step 4:Fill in working experience

Submit employment history, e.g. job title, company name, employment period etc. Moreover, when users enter their own job title in the job description part, the system would suggest related sentences regarding the content of work, which assist employers or HR to gain solid interpretation of applicants past working experience.


Step 5: Complete study experience & portfolio section

Resume.io's database stores information about international universities. When users enter the school name, it will pop up automatically which saves the typing time for users. The portfolio links feature connects the user's CV personal links with a custom text. It is also recommended to insert a user's personal website, LinkedIn, portfolio, and certification links to the CV, so the employer could review the portfolio at a glance. resumeio_image6

Step 6: Submit work skills, language, other activities information

When filling in the occupational skills and learnt languages, the website would show the level of competence on the CV, as a result enriched employers and HR understanding of the candidate strengths and work experience for an application.


Step 7: Export files to various formats

After filling in the content of CV, exporting it to a compatible format is the most significant step! Note that resume.io provides 4 file formats for exporting (e.g. PDF, TXT, DOCX and share link function) for premium users; For free version users, only TXT and share link function are available at the moment.

  1. Zety.com

Zety is much easier for workforce newbies to create resumes. After entering the “create resume” interface, Zety would ask the user’s working experience and personal identity, so as to design an according resume for users to hunt for a desired job.

Step 1: Submit career background information

Select the working period, and answer whether you are with a student identity, the system would suggest the best CV template for users.


Step 2: Select CV template

Select the preferred CV template and colour.


After selecting the best template, there are two options for selection: 1) build a new CV/ upload your own resume, the system will integrate the selected CV outlook along with the user’s CV.

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Step 3: Input personal information and portfolio links

Zety divides personal information from work and academic areas, and separates them by colour. The ticked fields are the mandatory information that is required to fill in. Thus, users can type in a portfolio link for employer’s reference.


Step 4: Input work and study information

The system will suggest the correlated sentence according to users’ major in university and the scope of work when the users are running out of ideas.

Work information: ZETY_CV4


Study information: Zety_CV6


Step 5: Enter the competency values of different job skills

Through stating the level of competency for job skills, it gives employers / HR a clear picture of the realistic expectations for work performance. (Whether the level of competency is demonstrated is optional)


Step 6: Export files to various format

Export the CV to the appropriate format, the export column allows users to set up the resume name, which lessens the effort to apply for various jobs. (Please note that free version users are only allowed to export resumes to txt versions, while premium users have no limitations toward exporting CV.


  1. Novorésumé

Novorésumé provides a cartoonish CV template and user interface. Although the templates look much fancier than Resume.io and Zety, the interface of Novorésumé is not user-friendly as the previous two. If you don’t have enough budget for building a CV, Novorésumé would be a great choice for you.

Step 1: Select the identity background, then choose a preferred template

Although the regular version of Novorésumé provides a few CV templates, the outlook looks pleasant and coherent.



Select your own experience level regarding your identity background, and let the system “Tailor-made” the CV suggestions for you.


Step 2: Input personal information and portfolio link




Step 3: Input study background, working experience and other experience

The input fields of Novorésumé are minimal and simple. If users would like to get suggestions from the system, the light bulb icon showcases a series of suggested sentences for a specific job title. Nonetheless, Novorésumé is less handy and user-friendly when compared to the A.I suggestions function ,as there are only few options for users to choose occupation types, and users would need to copy the whole sentence of the description in order to input information.


Step 4: Export file(s) to PDF format (Only PDF could be exported under FREE trial version) Novorésumé_8


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