【Interview Tips】Avoid Aggressiveness In A Group Interview And Show Your Team Spirit

【Interview Tips】Avoid Aggressiveness In A Group Interview And Show Your Team Spirit

OnMyGrad Team

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__1. Essential job interview etiquette __

Make sure you present yourself to the company about 20 minutes before the group interview section, it’s always better to arrive early than to be late. Choose your seat wisely, you’ll want to sit directly across from your interviewer, so you can engage with your interviewer and also the other candidates with good and polite eye contact. Remember to maintain positive body gestures during the interview to avoid bad first impressions.

__2. Communicate with the interviewer and candidates __

Your ultimate goal in a group interview is to stand out in a good way, and you also need to show your skillful teamwork techniques. The interviewer expects to see your personality and the skills of how you communicate with others, it is vital for you to take care of the overall group discussion and show your leadership qualities. Discounting the views of others might suggest you would be a difficult colleague to work with, so let others speak and listen carefully, then make relevant and logical response politely. Do mark down all candidates’ names to show your respect, it is always a plus to show your team spirit so as to suggest that you will be a good fit for the company.


____3. Eye contact is the key __

For a group interview, it is important to involve everyone in the conversation, so your eye contact should take care of the interviewer as well as the other candidates. It is a no-no to look down and avoid eye-contacts even when you’re thinking about the answers. Eye contact is essential in a group discussion to show you are highly concentrated and listening to the others. Be a good listener, try to manage and organize all the great ideas, then lead the conversation further to the next level. Smile and nod politely during the conversation can show your respect and appreciation to the others, and so your interviewer can truly see you’re easy to work with in the future.

__4. Be body language aware __

If there is any disagreement or conflict during the group interview discussion, grab the chance and show your ability to handle conflict in the workplace. Try to understand and organize other candidate’s standpoints and push the conversation further in a positive way. Stay polite, keep calm and show you are willing to listen and discuss further. Avoid bad body language including pointing your finger to someone. At the same time, remember to mind your tone of voice, the person who won the conversation is not the one who can get the job, but the one who can handle the conflict and show good coordination techniques. Hand movements should be subtle during the group conversation, your hand fingers should be close together when you’re communicating your ideas to the others, and it is the best way to avoid aggressiveness.

To sum up, the key of a group interview is to showcase you are a team player instead of a solo performer.