OnMyGrad Q&A time | 4 of the frequently asked career questions in 2022

OnMyGrad Q&A time | 4 of the frequently asked career questions in 2022

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When it comes to job applications, tons of questions appear in the candidate's mind: From the whole procedures, application, interview, receiving offers or even new job onboarding, OnMyGrad has set up a Q & A section for local university students and graduates since a few years ago. Hereby we would like to share the selected questions that assist students with unique career scenarios.

Case 1 : Summer intern offer choice (HR vs Insurance claims):

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Q1) I am a non-top 3 university (in Hong Kong) year 3 student, majoring in liberal arts. Currently I have two offers on hand: an HR offer (in which I accepted) and the other one is an insurance company claims department.

I would like to ask for the full time HR job hiring progress. Do they highly evaluate the candidate’s study experience instead of the HR summer internship experience?

For instance, if two graduates are applying for the same HR position in the meanwhile, would the HR manager / department prefer a graduate with HR major and HR summer internship experience, more than a graduate from non-BBA major, nonetheless possess HR summer internship experience?

Nevertheless, could anyone please share the career path of an insurance company’s claims department? (like salary or career path), since there is not much information about it on the internet.

A1) Hello there! Thanks for your questions, and please introduce more non-business major schoolmates to join OnMyGrad platform! Firstly let’s discuss your question regarding the HR position. In fact, tons of human resources executives are not from HR academic background, and perhaps you might have noticed that plenty of current HR employees have studied/ are studying for a master degree. However, the intention may be based on networking opportunities instead of actual knowledge.

What’s more significant for HR job hunting would be the tips listed below: Candidate’s personality and internship experience in HR field Besides from a business degree of HR major, what employers highly evaluate would be the candidate's personality and previous internship experience.

Being well-prepared for the interview questions, study HR related articles and case studies As a non-business background graduate, you may consider spending more time on studying HR related content, to understand HR terms and the business needs of a corporation.

For the claims department, we would like to clarify the differences between underwriting and claims handling at first: a) underwriting indicates that underwriters are responsible for evaluating the risks involved in each insurance program through an objective analysis at the moment of the client's application, for an insurance plan and subsequently determining the premium amount and terms of coverage.

b) Claims adjuster’s duties include collecting comprehensive data to process insurance claims applications. They must communicate with clients, notaries and even hospitals, police, government or various departments to analyse and process different claim applications.

(Information reference from instalent.org)

For the career path and salary, you could take reference from pilot programme to enhance talent training programme:


Salary Scale

The salary range would be differ from various companies and opportunities, and below pictures demonstrate the career paths of previous claims intern:

claims intern

claims intern 2 claims intern 3

Interview: https://www.onmygrad.com/question/3625

Case 2 : Jardine Internship Final Interview Tips?

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Q2) I received the final interview opportunity with the Jardine Internship programme, could anyone please provide me tips on how to prepare for the interview?

A2) Hello! Congratulations for getting into the final round of the interview! We take reference from questions database and Glassdoor’s information, then summarised several interview questions that appeared last few years for you:

  • Self introduction
  • What is your goal in 5 years?
  • Why would you want to join Jardine Matheson?
  • Questions based on CV, asking about candidates past experience of working and studying
  • Suitability and motivation - why Jardines and why east Asia

Reference link: https://www.glassdoor.com.hk/Interview/Jardine-Matheson-Interview-Questions-E3512.htm

Case 3: Product Development Assistant Job Nature and Career Path?

Q3) (FMCG)Product Development Assistant

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Would like to ask what is the job nature of a product development assistant? And what is its career path looks like? Thank you!

A3) Hello and thanks for your questions! The job duty of product development assistant is actually extensive, which includes: support the whole team to design and new products development, user’s product-manual design, investigate potential solutions to improve products quality, new products prototype testing etc.

There are loads of choices for product development career path, as the job nature emphasises on the familiarity for products: apart from product development, marketing, product supply are also capable, which indicates the job mobility is flexible. We captured a few examples for your reference and hope it could help: Product Development Assistant Career Path 1 Product Development Assistant Career Path 2

Case 4: Exit Path for a Business Analyst

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Q4) Would like to ask what would be the exit path for a Business Analyst? For instance require extremely professional technology or business knowledge, therefore is that suitable for a fresh graduate to apply? What would be the exit path for a Business Analyst for 2-3 years later?

A4) Hi there! We understand that the position of Business Analyst could be ambiguous occasionally. Under the same title of BA in various companies, the job nature may appear to have massive differences. Meanwhile we would need more specific details for searching references. However, according to the corporations you mentioned, we took a few profiles for reference on linkedin. The below career path of a business analyst is not limited to the company changing, thus providing more concepts on job content. Besides, we could identify a structure below the career path: even when a candidate landed a new job, it would be related to their original job content.

Business Analyst_Career path


Business Analyst 4