Supercharging Campus Recruitment with virtual job experience

Employers across different industries to connect with top talents in universities with virtual job work experience programs in Southeast Asia

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Why campus recruitment becomes more complicated then ever?

with limited resources, employers are competing to build teams with top candidates

Early Engagement
Move early to becomes the Top-of-Mind employer
Employer Branding
Build common values and clear career progression with talents
Customized Assessment
Match candidate to various needs from stakeholders
Omni-channel commitment
Manage a wide mix of offline and online touch-points
Multiple positions
Invest repeated efforts for different positions, ranging from pre-internship to graduate programmes
Embrace diversity to reach more sustainable goals

Campus recruitment teams can save up to 50% effort with OnMyGrad







Build Employer Profile

  • Employer profiles is the first touchpoint in employer branding strategy
  • Showcase your organization in OnMyGrad Space with top talents from universities in Southeast Asia
  • Convey your vision, mission, and value in your own wordings to attract the like-mind talents

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About OnMyGrad Team

Started in 2021, OnMyGrad is a creative and ambitious team to solve the problems in campus recruitment. OnMyGrad's platform enables leading employers across different industries to connect with top talents in universities with virtual job work experience programs.

Furthermore, the team aims at extending the space to a regional level allowing students from different geographical locations to work together.

Well-tested in the market

Since the MVP version launched in Feb 2021, our team has been working closely with leading employers to create a more efficient campus recruitment space. We are now building a brand new platform to further stretch the reality virtual job experience programmes.


Finally there's a virtual space that allows us to demonstrate what we are capable of.

— An OnMyGrad User

innovative virtual recruitment engagement

OnMyGrad provides an effective platform for P&G to share innovative virtual recruitment engagement with university students in pandemic period (i.e. Virtual Industry Learning Series).Besides, the Q&A platform helps employers to understand students’ feedback and engage with them.

— Ms Linda Wong (Campus Recruitment Lead, P&G)

Reach Potential Employers

The platform enables users to exchange career information and reach potential employers that seem unreachable.

— An OnMyGrad User

Exclusive information

Industry knowledge and exclusive interview tips are not always available online, but I can always find what I need here to equip myself

— An OnMyGrad User

Identify graduate communities

In this new generation of students it's not about the ability of the graduates but where they belong. Working with OnMyGrad has shown how we should position ourselves and adjust how we view the future workforce.

— Mr Rocco Li (Head of Campus Recruitment, KPMG China & Hong Kong)

Learn from leaders & peers

Career opportunities are not just about job openings, but how we prepare ourselves to get the most desirable job offers and advance our career. In OnMyGrad, I can learn from both the industry insiders and peers.

— An OnMyGrad User

Build employer brand

An Innovative platform to reinforce employer brand and campus recruitment

— Mr Leo Liu (Employer Branding & Campus Recruitment HK Lead, Accenture)

Trusted by 30+ top employers in Southeast Asia

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Frequently-asked questions

What is is a Career Learning Platform for University Students to learn directly from leading employers in the region, the major functions of which include Q&A forum, Calendar, Career Arcade, and Opportunity Sections. Our team believes that your career can be “learnt”. Only the sky is the limit, but not your academic or socio-economic background. By infusing professionally-curated educational elements, serves as your best companion in your Early Career planning and School-to-work transition.

What is the difference between the existing and the new OnMyGrad Space?

The existing is a beta version of what our team wishes to build. The new OnMyGrad Space will offers more value-adding features to employers eg Dashboard with analytics, Campus Engagement Campaign Templates and Self-help community management tool, while there will be a wider range of portfolio-enhancing opportunities to university students and graduates.

Why joining the whitelist?

You can be the first batch of users and trsut us, there will be exclusive privileges for you.

I am an employer. What happens if my team wishes to promote my programmes and employer branding now on your platform?

No worries, there are still LOTS of things we can help in your campus recruitment and employer branding campaigns. Contact us now:

Why choose compared to other job platforms?

Traditional job platforms provide a one-sided and passive way to post your vacancies and are not effective in outstanding your employer brands in front of candidates. At, we combine talent engagement, employer branding, talent attraction, data analytics, and even preliminary assessment to effectively curate the right pool of talents for your company with just HALF of your original time and efforts via our immersive job experiences!

What immersive job experiences helps in providing to students?

Immersive job experiences, which we call Virtual Programs, would be presented inside Career Arcade on There are 3 main types of Virtual Programs that you can create on our platform: 1. Industry Learning Course (Course): On-demand, bite-sized, and one-sided learning resources that allow student users to learn more about the industry, company, or different specific job roles in the format of videos, PDF slides, or Texts. 2. Competition: Virtual challenges that allow student users to team up in the respective campaigns and compete. Competition organizers can interact with participants directly on their Competition page. A leaderboard function would be available for Competition. 3. Job-tasting Case Study (Case): Hybrid series of learning resources and tasks curated to recreate the authentic work experience and attract submissions from participants. Tasks can be conducted in the form of Multiple Choices, Open-ended Questions, and Document Uploads.

Who may want to launch a Virtual Program?

Corporates’ Campus Recruitment & Employer Branding Team // Startups and SMEs that demand a one-stop talent solution for branding, recruiting, and assessment // Corporates’ Sustainability & Community Engagement Team // Career Centres & Career Services Teams from universities or faculties // Organizations that have a need in recruiting talents from universities for their initiatives or activities

How do I get support for my Virtual Program?

Because our platform is entirely self-service, you may want to check this [user manual]( " User Manual") for immediate assistance. If you’re still experiencing an issue or you would love to troubleshoot an issue that is affecting the entire platform, please contact us via We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

I am a student / graduate. Is it free for us?

Yes, it is free for all students / graduates from account registraion to learning from the Virtual Indsutry Learning Course and Job-Tasting Experential Projects developed by leading employers and experts.